Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Who would be the audience for your media product?

I decided to carry out some research, helping me find out who would want to watch my movie. I asked students questions about my film after showing them my opening sequence. These questions included both open and close questions:

  • What did you like about the opening sequence?
  • Would you purchase this film on release?
  • What format would you purchase this film in if you was to? (DVD / Blu-Ray / Other)
  • Would you show your friends the opening sequence?
  • What age group or social group do you feel the film targets?
Once i retrieved all my answers i figured many students within my six form really enjoyed the opening sequence and seemed to like the special effects used a lot. They stated that they would show their friends and ask them to go watch the movie together. 80% of the students asked stated that they feel the movie is targeted at middle / lower classed individuals aged 15+. Our original targeted audience is 12A as we wanted more people to have access to the movie.

In conclusion with the research carried out I figured our audience will be lower/ middle classed individuals aged 12+ (with adult) or 15+ without.

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