Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

During my journey i managed to learn a lot about camera work, edits, mise-en-scene and audio. As i compare my preliminary task with my final opening sequence it is evidential to notice the skills i picked up.

Firstly within my preliminary task i used very simple camera shots and angles as i didn't know about the variety of shots that can be used. As i did my research i managed to learn more and more about camera work and i managed to put them into practice within my opening sequence. I included high and low angles at all low, medium and long distance. I also included an advance establishing shot to show off what i have learnt.

Edits were used in my preliminary task but they were very simple and nothing to be proud of. They included simple straight cuts and the time between each cut was very long and out of time with the audio. I managed to learn advanced editing skills that are now used in my opening sequence. These included different styles of fades and the editing time is now in line with the audio, creating a better flow.

I focused very hard on mise-en-scene this time around as it wasn't considered much in my preliminary exercise. I made sure that my characters were in suitable clothing. This included dark clothing for my mysterious antagonist and bright casual clothing for my protagonist. The location was also considered as i wanted it to fit in with the genre well. A deserted car park is the main location used for my sequence as it allows tension to be built, due to the fact that nobody else is around. Props and lighting was also looked over to make the sequence as realistic as it can be. Natural lighting, a teddy bear and a tape was included as they fitted into the narrative very well and were essential.

Diegetic and non-diegetic sounds were used in my opening sequence to help engage my audience. A score were used to keep the ears busy as well as the eyes. I made sure that the score matched well with the visuals so i used a emotional tension building soundtrack. Non-diegetic sounds were also used as it helps the audience engage with the sequence. No dialog were used but I did involve sounds from the world e.g. the door opening from the escalator.

In conclusion it is obvious to see that i have learnt a lot throughout my journey. I was able to show off my skills in my final project from advanced editing to special effects, which i wasn't able to do in my preliminary task.

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