Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

If i had the opportunity to get my film distributed it would most likely be done by a small UK film institution e.g. Warp Films. The reason for this is because of the low budget spent in the production of the film and small reputation that my production company have. Not a lot of money was available for a top quality film to be produced meaning we had to resort to using small named actors. Large Hollywood institutions such as Warner Bros would not distribute this film as there is no reason why they should, not a lot of money would be generated and there's nothing that would attract a wide audience e.g. big name directors or actors. Therefor i have concluded that a small UK institution would distribute my media product. I would then have to think about ways of generating revenue within my media product through my target audience. I would have to focus on figuring out the best ways to distribute my movie. This could be done through the following
  • Creating a movie trailer to advertise my movie, showing the best clips within the film making it as appealing to my target audience as possible.
  • The movie can also be advertised on television, newspapers and any local transport e.g. on a bus. 
  • Product tie-ins can also be used, helping us grab a wider audience. This can be shown on cans of coke or sweet packets.
I would also like to be sure that my film gets exhibited into many different formats, allowing my audience to watch my film in many different ways. The film should also be exhibited on  DVD and Blu-ray and in the cinemas, giving my target audience the best quality that technology can provide and a wide selection of how and where to watch the film e.g. at home or in the cinema.

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