Tuesday, 21 February 2012


While putting my footage together i experimented with some effects to make look more unique.

Colour corrector - I used this to darken my shots to show the audience the seriousness of what's taking place. I changed the whites, the blacks and the saturation of the frames; making each shot look sharper and better.

Bad TV - This was a special effect that i tried out which turned out very well. It got used on some of my CCTV frames giving the effect of the damaged CCTV footage.

Noise - A excellent effect that i used on all of my CCTV footage shots, giving that 'fuzzy' look to them. It was used to make it clear to my audience that the footage being showed is coming from another source (CCTV)

Additive Dissolve / channel Map / Fade in and out - These transitions where all used to make my titles fade smoothly with the footage taken. It helped the flow of the video as it's very smooth to see.

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