Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Opening titles

Within my opening titles i had to consider what font, size and colour will suit my genre most. Thriller films are serious films that build tension so i had to make sure my opening titles are serious and not look too playful.

This made me feel that keeping it simple would be a lot more effective as it will stop it looking playful, keeping the audience in place with the genre. I decided to use an American type-writer effect for my font, with the size being 24 and a white font colour. This makes it look simple yet serious due to the nice colour contrast the white font gives the black background.

For my first opening credit i decided to go a step deeper by making it stand out the most. I added graphics from adobe after effect to create this opening credit; as i feel that the production company is the most important and deserves the best title. I used a basic colour contrast of white text with a dark background. I also inserted an edited image of an angel, this represents the wings thats Third Wing Visuals provide.

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