Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Representations on thriller films

Stereo types
After watching some thrillers i recognized that the majority of thriller films have a male as the main character. He always seems to find a way to become a hero and solve the problem in the end. This is very stereotypical as it represents the daily man of being the more 'powerful' and 'determined'.

I've seen this stereotypical behavior on films such as :

  • I am legend 
  • The usual suspects
  • Inception
  • Batman the dark knight
  • Memento
Due to this i'll need to follow the conventions and do the same. Though it's not all cases where the male plays the biggest role. In the film Silence of the lambs a female plays the heroic role and sometimes a change to stereotypical behavior can be more effective to an audience.

In most main stream movies today i noticed that it is very rare to find a protagonist character who is Asian. We decided as a group to go against this convention of a white male and try be different. We decided to get an Asian male to play the role of our protagonist character.

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