Tuesday, 21 February 2012


While organizing our shoot we came across costumes. We had to decide as a group what costumes would be most appropriate for our genre. Within our film we have both, protagonist and antagonist characters. I believe that costume is vital for the audience to recognize and separate the two.

A protagonist character is looked to be a hero who stops any disasters from taking place. After researching protagonist characters within thriller films i noticed that they all wear smart and casual clothing; e.g. Will Smith in 'I AM LEGEND'. His clothing is very casual, making him blend in with a normal human in our time. I think this is done to make the audience feel for the character more as his power is just as strong as ours.

On the other hand i noticed that antagonist characters all seem to where dark clothing. In most films they represent the villain as a shady character who's up to no good. His clothing would normally include masks, hats or worn out suits.

In conclusion to all this research, I figured that our protagonist character will dress up as if he is just living an ordinary day. This will include an ordinary jumper along with jeans. While our antagonist character will wear dark clothing (black) which will include, dark trousers, a dark jacket and a dark hat.

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