Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

In my process of constructing my opening sequence i managed to learn about many technologies as i managed to use different types of systems and softwares.

Apple Mac - I've never used a Mac before i came into Park High sixth-form as I'm use to using basic HP systems. This was a whole new experience for me but i managed to get use to the drastic change very quickly. The Mac allows many actions to be performed in easy efficient ways and provides great video editing software (Final Cut). This soft

Final Cut - This allowed me to put together video shots that i have recorded within my video shoot. It also enabled me to add opening titles and put great effects onto my video clips i.e. colour corrector. Once i finished my project i was able to export it into a high quality video clip (M-p4 file)

Camera - I used a Sony DCR-SR58E camera which provided me with top quality recordings. It's a handheld camera which contains many features i.e. lighting edits. I was able to capture excellent shots and perform some good camera angles due to the flexibility of the hand healed device.

Garage band - This was also used to try put sounds together to make a nice sound track, this was very difficult to get use to as it takes a lot of time and effort but i manage to put together some great sounds.

Live type - An excellent software provided by the Mac allowing me to create opening titles very easily. I managed to create an excellent opening title for my movie name (Dream Chaser) using this software. I used moving text and an excellent text font for this title.

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