Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Research on a successful film director

Christopher Nolan is a very successful & world wide known film director. He mainly directs films with a sub genre in the thriller area; an example of this is the film inception, as its a psychological thriller.

Nolan received serious recognition after directing a big Hollywood film in the year 2000 called 'Memento'. He managed to direct this film on a story  idea given by his brother Jonathan Nolan. Memento was nominated for many awards such as a Golden Globe and an 'Academy Award' (Oscar) for best screen play; this was a huge push in Christopher Nolan's career.

Nolan then pushed on with his career with the help of his brother Jonathan. They both worked together to direct films which included The Batman series & The Prestige. His first collaboration was with a man by the name of Wally Pfister; he would photograph all of Nolan's subsequent films.
In the year 2002 Nolan directed 'Insomnia', an American remake of the 1997 Norwegian film of the same name. Nolan used his creative ideas and included major changes to the plot & the nature of the main character. This led the film to success as the film sold very well in the cinema with many people queuing outside of the big screens to watch it, globally.

In late 2006 a Batman film was officially confirmed; The Dark Knight. Nolan was again directing with the help of his brother Jonathan, they worked together to write a script to this film. They included a star actor to play one of the most important roles in the movie as the antagonist 'The Joker'; Heath Ledger took the role of acting this dark character. The film ended up with global success with enormous box office success; setting the record for the highest-grossing weekend opening in the U.S. It earned over $158 million dollars and became the third highest earning film of all time in the United states in October 2011. The film was then nominated for the 'Directors Guild Of America Award' for 'Best Director' for The Dark Knight. It also got nominated for a total of eight Oscars in the 81st Academy Awards. 

In the year 2010 Nolan received a seven figure contract to direct a film of the name 'Inception' due to the success of The Dark Knight. This film is a psychological thriller. Nolan wrote the script and directed the film. Filming began in summer 2009 and the film was released on July 16 2010. The film received very positive reviews & became a box office hit.

Future Projects:

In March 2010 Nolan confirmed that he's been working on an idea for a Superman movie along side David Goyer. Nolan was given the idea by David Goyer over the phone, which then led to several meetings to discuss and develop the idea. Nolan loved the idea and was more then willing to take it on.

Mr Hughes - This film was scheduled for 2004 but was delayed due to the release of The Aviator & Martin Scorsese's. Nolan feels that making this film ten years later (2014) will be more suitable as people would have forgotten about The Aviator & Martin Scorsese's. He describes this film as the best thing he as ever wrote.

The Key Of The Street - This film originally was a book by Ruth Rendell. Nolan developed the screenplay which he originally planned to direct for Fox Searchlight until he decided to make 'Batman Begins' for The Warner Bros. Nolan wanted to direct this movie once The Batman Begins hit the screens but by then the demands seemed dead. It's only recently demands suddenly increased for this movie, giving Nolan a great opportunity to give the audience what they want.

Christopher Nolan is a very successful film writer and director as he directed & writ many huge Hollywood films. He was able to change ideas into his own by creating new plots and giving characters different personalities. All the big names he directed became multi award winning movies and are definitely will be in the history books for films of all time !

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