Thursday, 10 November 2011

Batman Titles

In all the 9 frames above of the movie 'Batman' they all go by a colour coding selected by the director and any art / designing team. They follow the original Batman theme colours (yellow & black / navy blue) with the text overlaying the images. They all follow their own conventions by having dark images layered by a bright text. They follow their own conventions through their sub genre of a heroic thriller

The first frame shows the audience who the film is directed by 'WARNER BROS PRESENTS' the production company 'Warner Bros' is in a bold yellow font. This makes it stand out from the dark image behind it as it's the most eye catching part of text in the frame. The word 'presents' is in a smaller font and is put under 'Warner Bros' this shows the audience that it isn't as important as it's underneath the production company. A dark image lays behind the text, of which looks like dark grey clouds. This reveals what theme the movie will have to anyone who doesn't have any knowledge of what Batman is about as it represents mystery. 

The second frame goes with the same text colour & sizes. 'A GUBER-PETERS COMPANY PRODUCTION' the text is once gain in yellow with the first four words in a big bold font while 'production' is in a smaller font & is not in bold. It over layers the image behind it to stand out in the frame. The image behind once again is dark & grey.

All the following seven frames follow the same text sizes, font & colour with the text overlaying the image. The image in the following seven frames are all dark and all relate to the movie e.g. frame nine has the Batman hero logo. This gives a rough idea to the audience what the movie is going to be about and the colour contrasts also give the audience an impression of what the film has to offer.

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