Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sub genre conventions (Thriller)

There are many sub genres which help categorize thriller movies as then many conventions that can be followed, different movies follow different conventions. Sub genres help categorize these movies despite them already being categorized under the genre 'thriller'.

Conspiracy thriller - This thriller consists of a hero figure (protagonist) who normally find self trapped in a situation within a powerful organization with a high power. This resolves around many antagonist characters under a secret organization, who in the end is defeated by our protagonist character. Examples of films who use this thriller convention is 'The Bourne Identity & Enemy States Of Mind'.

Crime thriller - This creates a very suspenseful film, this focuses on the life of a criminal. It includes a lot of action to build suspense and tension within the audience. An example of a crime thriller is 'Hero Wanted'.

Psychological thriller - A thriller film which has conflict between the main two characters, the conflict is more emotional and mental, rather then physical. An example of this is 'Inception'.

Innocent on the run thriller - This sub genre consists of a male protagonist who is blamed by a power above his (normally authority) for doing a crime that he has complete innocence of. An example of a film under this sub-genre is 'Fugitive'. It follows all the same conventions (innocent male blamed for a crime which he did not commit).

These are the main thriller sub-genres that have similar conventions to me and my groups film (Dream Chaser). Our film is a hybrid of :
-Innocent on the run (Our character is blamed for a crime he did not commit)
-Crime (A serious crime is committed which involves the police & secret agencies)
-Conspiracy (Our hero is trapped in a difficult situation where he's over powered by authority)

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