Saturday, 12 November 2011

Genre: Action Adventure

Narrative: Indiana Jones is set to adventure across the boarder to find the mysterious 'arch'. He must travel to Egypt as the arch is a ancient artifact which is known to have great importance. He must go through many obstacles to try achieve his goals of getting his hands on this ancient artifact 'the arch'.

Iconography: This is the directors idea of how certain situations should be presented to the audience. In this film the movie is presented as a wild adventure film. It gives the audience the idea that every task will involve a lot of drama. It also shows the audience how to solve specific situations from the directors point of view. He done this by showing hard work will bring success.

Characters: Indiana Jones is the main character & the audience will know him to be the protagonist. There are many antagonist in this film trying to stop Indiana Jones from getting his hands on the mysterious 'arch' 

Camera work: Many shots / angles are used during this clip. 
1) Establishing shot
2) Low angle long-shot
3) Side close-up shot (multi level)
4) Eye level Medium shot
5) Close-up low angle
-These are the main shots i noticed within the short opening sequence

Settings: This film was located in Egypt (Cairo) and is set in the mid day.  The setting suits well with the narrative (gaining possession of the arch). This is because Egypt is known for its mysterious artifacts.

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