Thursday, 15 December 2011

Films that inspired me

Recently i have been watching many crime related programs & films and i came across 'The Wire'. Within the opening sequence the mise-en-scene of specific shots inspired me and gave me some good ideas for my thriller opening.

This shot is a low angle close-up of a CCTV camera. My thriller opening is about a crime that has taken place & caught on CCTV. This has inspired me as it has visually showed me a way in which i can make it clear to the audience that the footage being played is through CCTV.

In this high angle shot it shows the recording of the CCTV footage, camera is tilted from a higher perspective & is in black & white. This has helped me gain ideas on how the CCTV footage in my thriller opening should look like & how we can make it clear that it's CCTV footage (black & white)

This frame from the movie Batman: The Dark Knight has inspired me in many ways, from the costume to the mise-en-scene. I like this image as it's dark. Batman is dressed in dark clothing despite him being the protagonist character; representing the current state of the situation he's in. This inspired me to use different camera angles to get this epic feel within a frame.

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