Wednesday, 7 December 2011


These are the certificate ratings for films that are published in the cinema & on DVD. These help the audience know what to expect from the movie, the older the age rating the more inappropriate for children the movie is.

I did some research on films similar to the thriller opening me and my group are working on. This research helped me decide on what age certificate my opening thriller should be given.

Fugitive - PG, this means the movie hasn't got much disturbing scenes and is suitable for anyone with parental guidance up to the age of thirteen.

The Dark Knight - 12A, this film is suitable from anyone that's aged twelve plus, but parental guidance will be needed if the viewer is aged twelve.

We have decided that our film will be a 12A as we feel parental guidance will be appropriate to watch the film. If we made the age certificate a 15 we would attract a smaller audience as not everybody will be able to gain access to watch it. By making it a 12A we are able to target a wider audience allowing sales to be larger.

Our film 'Dream Chaser' will have some harsh scenes which will include a form of torture, this scene is definitely not suitable for an audience under the age of 12. We want to make certain scenes slightly gothic, through the behavior that the secret agency carries out. All these scenes will be shown in minimal detail to the audience; keeping it visually unclear what's going on. This is going to be done to keep the criteria of the 12A certificate rating in line with our movie.

Our film doesn't involve drugs, sex, nudity or foul language & we feel that our film fits the criteria for a 12A movie perfectly. Despite a torture scene that is kept in minimal detail, our film doesn't break the criteria of being a 12A film. As a group we have officially decided that our film will be a 12A.

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