Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Why genre is so important.

Genre allows movies to be categorized, making it easier for the audience to have a rough idea of what to expect. e.g. if a viewer is looking to have a laugh he/she will go watch a movie under the genre 'comedy'.

There are many different genres, for example:


These genres can also be mixed together to create a hybrid genre, e.g. romance / comedy (romcom) is a hybrid genre. This is used by directors to try create unique films that are not often made. An example of a movie that does this is 'Knocked up', conventions are used from both genres to create a new unique film. This film is full of comedy yet has a story line full of love & romance.

Genre is important as it allows production companies to create a target audience very easily. E.g. if Warner bros. was to develop a new movie which involved action based scenes, they will instantly state that their target audience is anyone who enjoys films under the genre 'action'.

Genre, audience & industry are all linked together, creating a triangle. The industry will chose a genre depending on the demand of the audience. The selected genre will instantly do well on the big screens as the demand is already there. This will make the audience happy that a film of their demand has been distributed; which then leads to the industry receiving a large amount of money from the total sales of the film. This triangle is unstoppable and will always bring the audience & the industry happiness; due to costumer satisfaction & the money being sent do the industry from the audience.

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